Who are we?

The short answer is: we are parents, teachers, medical professionals, and family members of people with asthma. We’re here to help people with asthma manage and control their condition.

The long answer is we’re a non-profit focused on improving the health of the community by helping asthma patients manage their chronic condition independently.

Asthma is a unique condition. While there is no confirmed cure for asthma, the condition can be managed through proper medication and prevention. We perform assessments and screenings to help individuals better understand their condition and pass along the information to the traditional general practice doctor that patient sees to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The good news is help is here. The even better news is that 100% of the donations and grants the Utah Asthma Coalition receives goes to intervention and patient care. We are lean and mean in the fight against asthma and we are confident in our ability to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.

To join us in beating asthma add us on Facebook or Twitter. Invite your friends, particularly those who do or may have asthma. We’d like to help out.

About Ike Bennion

Ike has a strong background in the health care payment and delivery landscape, having spent two years in the health care consulting industry. He helps to guide the coalition strategically to create valuable partnerships to improve the care of Utahns in regards to asthma.

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